~ The Hate

Haters are gonna hate, that’s what people always say…
We let hate effect towards everything we do.

We let hate effect our emotions, our plans, having a negative community, and our values in life.

If you can’t deal with hate throughout life, 
you will never find yourself. And that’s where this leads you to be depressed.

This is the stage where people become depressed and become suicidal. Hate is everywhere, you just have to not give a damn. Being sad is okay, feeling angry is okay. But hate, don’t let the hate effect you just because your different.

Hate is everywhere, you just gotta know how to handle the fact that some people are mean. The world we live in, there’s judgement, negative influence, hate and disagreement.

Don’t deal with the hate, just keep going towards your goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter what people think, be yourself, stick to your plan, and pick your path.

If you love yourself and forget the hate. The world created around you will love you more then you think.

This is for you.. not others..

~Love yourself more – Jun Yaj